IT in Healthcare

When you hear IT and healthcare, the topic usually boils down to the increasing number of attacks and security incidents, underfunding, complex heterogeneous environments with lots of specifics due to, for example, the need for remote monitoring of specialised healthcare facilities.
IT in large hospitals often resembles a lot of separate islands, often with prehistoric software for specific devices. All connected by a heterogeneous infrastructure and managed by a team of highly burdened IT specialists with minimal space for, for example, their own training.
An ideal opportunity for smart solutions and approaches.
Advanced digitisation of existing agendas.
Protection against security attacks, raising security awareness among employees.
Outsourcing of scarce capacity and knowledge.
Effective utilisation and access to healthcare data, including the use of artificial intelligence principles.
Operation and development of existing applications, including ensuring the functionality of “legacy” applications.

Digitisation of Healthcare

Healthcare systems face unprecedented pressure. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the traditional models of healthcare delivery, but at the same time as in many other segments, it has accelerated digitisation. As a result, digitisation in healthcare is quicker than in other sectors. While the quality of care has improved, the scale and complexity of medical needs has increased. The demand is logical, reflecting the consequences of an ageing population, rising mortality and morbidity. Also, the expectations of the public which craves more personalised and friendlier healthcare services.
We are ready to help you take the next step. Whether it is the overall functionality of a heterogeneous environment, new services, use of IoT or contextual analysis and mining of large amounts of healthcare data while maintaining all privacy rules.

Security in Healthcare

The rise of security attacks in healthcare has outpaced all the other areas. In particular, ransomware attacks have been a noticeable blow to the service continuity. However, the whole issue is much broader. We are ready to help you in the areas of: asset and threat analysis, organisational security management, application security consulting and application security solutions, application security auditing, network security, identity and access management, malicious code protection and logging solutions, cryptography and certificate management consulting and solutions, software developer training, secure data storage, and backup consulting and solutions.

Application Management

Old applications, old technology, difficult to respond to or even defunct suppliers and the need to ensure continuity at a reasonable cost. Is this your case as well? Are you dealing with similar issues?
We can take over the management of most existing applications, operate them per a defined SLA and if necessary, rewrite them into a modern form with lower operating costs and greater user experience.
Our monitoring systems and customer support teams can also provide the necessary support for end users or your IT team. We can advise and help you integrate these legacy solutions into your current infrastructure without significantly reducing operational and security requirements.


and Architecture

Consistent analysis of client needs and quality design of solutions that will serve you even years later. This makes us more than just good programmers.
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Custom Software Development

We develop large-scale information systems and lean effective components. Always with the utmost consideration for the needs of our customers.
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Operation, Service, and Development of Applications

We can take care of applications we have developed, but also third-party applications. Reliably, securely, and effectively.
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Supervision and Customer Support

We automatically monitor the health of our systems and infrastructure. We support our clients at both the L1 and L2 levels. We measure customer satisfaction.
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Cyber security

The Security by Design approach runs through our veins when developing applications, but over time, we have taken the security area further.
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Services for patients and visitors in hospitals

More and more hospitals and healthcare facilities are looking for ways to make their patients' or visitors' stay more pleasant. Visitor Wi-Fi, infoboxes, shared internet connections and other services are being built. If you are interested in this area and want to address it comprehensively and safely, we can help. We can design, implement and operate a wide range of solutions that will help enhance your clients' experience while not compromising the operation of your internal systems. 
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