Custom Application Development

We have been developing applications for 30 years. Line by line. Our 63 own information systems, hundreds of clients, millions of development days, billions of lines of code, Terabytes of data and thousands of users. We know the ropes.
Our clients appreciate our ability to find a solution and deliver it per the KKTRÚ's guidelines. Besides Quality, Quantity, Deadline and Budget, there's also a smile. We care a lot about making our collaboration not only beneficial but enjoyable as well- with a smile for our clients, for our team, for our potential technology partners.
Tailor-made solutions.
Modern technologies and techniques.
Reliable and timeless quality solutions.
Ensuring the entire application lifecycle.
Constructive cooperation with the client.

Software Development is a Craft

We see software development as a craft and we carefully develop our craftsmanship. We do not only rely on talent and enthusiasm. We follow the practices of both the waterfall and agile approaches, and often use an in-house methodology for our clients' needs that is quite agile, yet retains some of the benefits of the waterfall approach. We follow the stages of development from rigorous analysis, through design and architecture, actual programming and subsequent debugging, to testing, deployment and then the entire operations and development phase.
Every person on our team understands the role he is in. Collaboration with various technical trades is important, even in the business stage of a contract. We never take any task lightly and think through our solutions very carefully at this stage. We also actively communicate with the client to prevent any unpleasant surprises later on.

Our Approach to Software Development

We address our clients’ needs in line with modern approaches.
We apply responsive design.
We think along the lines of Mobile first.
Security by Design applies to us.
We create multi-platform solutions.
We also program for hybrid, private or public cloud.
We test rigorously and thoroughly.
We collaborate with IT trend-setting partners.
We consider TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
We deliver. KKTR is not only four letters to us.
We use our own optimised approach, leveraging the best of both agile (SCRUM) and waterfall (PRINCE 2) development styles.


Thousands of days of work on a single application, yet a project you promised to complete in less than a year. A group of developers, analysts, testers, UX specialist, front-end coders and of course a caring architect with enough experience and insight.
Developing great IS really is not a job for solo players. Our teams have not only mastered the necessary methodology, learned the principles of documentation and sharing, but also have the necessary human chemistry that makes collaboration an enjoyable process.
We have the experience, people and process background to safely take on and execute a commission that will take a team of, say, 20 people to work on for a year.

Our Ability to Deliver is Not About Programming Only

Our clients appreciate our ability to deliver, and they do not always mean delivering finished software products. Our services encompass the entire lifecycle of application development and subsequent creation. We routinely deliver (even independently) feasibility studies, implementation projects, solution analysis, necessary subcontracting to third parties and integration works. We place a great emphasis on thorough testing (both blackbox and whitebox, automated and manual testing). 
We mainly use Azure, .NET, Java, Xamarin, AngularJS, Power BI, DMS and Microsoft 365 platforms in our development.
During the subsequent operation we provide routine service support, prophylaxis, backups, and system monitoring.
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