Manufacturing Plants and Agriculture

You may be asking, what does an industrial manufacturing plant environment have to do with agriculture? From the IT perspective, a lot. Whether we are talking about the possible use of IoT, advanced data interpretation, the common principles of Agriculture 4.0 and Industry 4.0 or an environment where IT is very important on the one hand and with relatively few classic users and common enterprise applications on the other.
At the CCA Group, there we have been dealing with this issue for more than 7 years. We have specific experience, knowledge, partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers of the necessary sensors and most importantly, expert ability to work with collected data.
Industry 4.0, Agriculture 4.0.
Internet of Things IoT, virtually any online data.
Advanced methods for processing, interpreting and presenting the acquired data, including machine learning.
Augmented and virtual reality.
Small, smart solutions to make businesses more effective.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Estimates and predictions indicate that there will be more than 30 billion Internet-connected “things” on the planet in the coming years. It looks amazing and it is already easy to find cheap sensors that monitor virtually anything. In conjunction with, for example, LoRa (Long Range) radio communication, it is no problem to have all the data available virtually in real time at one place, typically in cloud storage.
However, this in itself does not add any value. This is only created by the subsequent processing of the data, its interpretation and the associated processes affecting further operations. Already in 2016, together with the University of West Bohemia, we carried out a project for the Český chřest Company, where we linked the data obtained from the plantations with weather forecasting models, deep analysis of the impact of weather on previous yields and were subsequently able to predict the future course of the harvest, including optimisation of watering, fertilisation and also the correct timing of delivery to the market.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is often referred to as the advent of a new industrial revolution that will combine modern manufacturing and operational practices with smart digital technologies. This will create digitised enterprises, operating on the principles of interconnectivity and autonomy. Enterprises that will be able to communicate, analyse and use the data they receive.
The key trends include the use of the Internet of Things (IoT), involvement of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, cloud storage, Big Data processing and additive manufacturing using, for example, 3D printing capabilities.
We are not specialists in 3D printing, but we have been gaining experience in other areas for many years. We are happy to help you take the next step in your company's industrial revolution.

Agriculture 4.0

Automated management, terrain mapping, more accurate fertiliser and seed rates and above all - automation of farming operations give farmers the much-needed valuable time to be more efficient in their farming. That is what smart farming, or Agriculture 4.0, is all about.
The main purpose is to collect data, analyse it and thus better plan and coordinate most activities in the field and in livestock production.
We at the CCA Group can contribute not only with technical support to enable us to obtain our own data, but also by linking it with data from external suppliers and most importantly, by the subsequent analysis, interpretation and presentation of the results that lead to the optimisation of agricultural production.


and Architecture

Consistent analysis of client needs and quality design of solutions that will serve you even years later. This makes us more than just good programmers.
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Custom Software Development

We develop large-scale information systems and lean effective components. Always with the utmost consideration for the needs of our customers.
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Operation, Service, and Development 

of Applications

We can take care of applications we have developed, but also third-party applications. Reliably, securely, and effectively.
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Supervision and Customer Support

We automatically monitor the health of our systems and infrastructure. We support our clients at both the L1 and L2 levels. We measure customer satisfaction.
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Cyber security

The Security by Design approach runs through our veins when developing applications, but over time, we have taken the security area further.
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Using augmented reality

One of the main benefits of augmented reality in both agriculture and industry is the breakthrough in the approach to employee training. Particularly in environments and situations where it is often not possible or economically viable to get everyone in one place at one time.
In an industrial setting, the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and possibly pure Virtual Reality (VR) is much broader. 
Augmented and virtual reality can facilitate the transition to personalised and customer-centric manufacturing by facilitating the process of improving product design. Combined with the digital twin, they allow product designers to create, study and test virtual prototypes.
Augmented reality plays a vital role in implementing quality control of manufactured or assembled products. The automotive and aerospace industries have already started using augmented reality glasses and tablets to examine the quality of parts. This reduces the error rate by up to 90%.

Time for lean, smart solutions

Every modern functioning company has some basic, vital information systems and IT solutions. But alongside these, there are often many needs that do not fit into existing functionalities and are difficult to implement in robust information systems. If not complex, then often lengthy and expensive. And so it's time for lean, tiny, smart solutions. Perhaps in a Microsoft environment using tools like Power Apps and Power Automate. Solutions that you can have ready in a few hours of work, tailored to your needs, integrated with the familiar Microsoft 365 environment, yet don't involve complex change management over standard information systems. We work with clients where there are dozens of these solutions and more are being added every month. Users love them and the client absolutely appreciates the flexible approach and consequently the great cost advantage.
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