State Administration

The environment of the state administration is an area with many specificities from an IT perspective. On one hand, there are the tabular salaries of civil servants, the resulting limited employment opportunities for experts and the subsequent need to outsource services. On the other hand, the incredible amount of data with complex interrelationships and interconnections. Finally, the significant challenge of digitising the civil service, which already has its specific timeframe.
At the CCA Group, we draw on more than 25 years of experience, our deep knowledge of the related regulations and our long-term integration competence based not only on technical knowledge, but also on the ability to find compromises and to negotiate even between less than ideally cooperating suppliers.
More than 25 years of experience in state administration
Operation, service, and development of hundreds of applications
Detailed knowledge of the National Architecture Plan, NÚKIB regulations, and other rules of operation in state administration
Unprecedented architectural, analytical, and operational experiences with big volumes of data
Collaboration with academia on machine learning and advanced contextual data analysis

State Administration Digitisation

In the ongoing digitisation of the Czech state administration, we often look to Estonia for inspiration and models. Naturally, we follow their solutions very closely. At the same time, we have plenty of concrete inspiration from our home environment in Switzerland. For example, the use of blockchain in the city of Zug, a city of 30,000 people, is a model for Estonian experiments and solutions as well. Zug also operates a complete digital identity for its citizens, using it to a degree that is unavailable anywhere else in the world.
In the Czech environment, we are closely following the Timetable and technical modalities for the implementation of the digitisation of public administration services for the period 2021 - 2025 and in various model and pilot situations with our expert teams we are looking for innovative perspectives on how to contribute to digitisation also using existing experience from the state administration environment.

Application Operation

Old applications, old technology, difficult to respond to or even defunct suppliers and the need to ensure continuity at a reasonable cost. Does this sound familiar? Are you dealing with similar issues?
We can take over the management of most existing applications, operate them per a defined SLA and if necessary, rewrite them into a modern form with lower operating costs and greater user experience.
Our monitoring systems and customer support teams can also provide the necessary support for end users or your IT team. We can advise and help you integrate these legacy solutions into your current infrastructure without significantly reducing operational and security requirements.

System Integration

The market for software products has changed significantly over time. No longer do large monolithic systems emerge that encompass all the needs of a company, but lightweight applications specialised in a specific area. The consequence is a certain fragmentation and duplication of data that must be addressed. Ensuring that all the components are compatible and work together in a cost-effective manner. Logically linking the tools and systems used, or helping select additional resources and services from a range of suppliers.
With our knowledge of systems integration, we have the tools to turn your vision and goals into reality. Our years of experience enable us to integrate and optimise information systems into a working whole.
Díky znalostem z oblasti systémové integrace máme nástroje, kterými jsme schopni přeměnit Vaše vize a cíle v realitu. Dlouholetá zkušenost nám umožňuje integrovat a optimalizovat informační systémy do fungujícího celku.


and Architecture

Consistent analysis of client needs and quality design of solutions that will serve you even years later. This makes us more than just good programmers.
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Custom Software Development

We develop large-scale information systems and lean effective components. Always with the utmost consideration for the needs of our customers.
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Operation, Service, and Development of Applications

We can take care of applications we have developed, but also third-party applications. Reliably, securely, and effectively.
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Supervision and Customer Support

We automatically monitor the health of our systems and infrastructure. We support our clients at both the L1 and L2 levels. We measure customer satisfaction.
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Cyber Security

The Security by Design approach runs through our veins when developing applications, but over time, we have taken the security area further.
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Extracting existing data

The state administration has a lot of information available. The and portals were created as part of open data activities. However, working with these data is difficult for ordinary users. While data engineers have no problem with technical processing, they may not always have sufficient information for deeper correlations and presentation in context. This information is available to the public administration and provides an ideal opportunity to provide valuable information in a form, scope and quality not otherwise available. And we are not talking about sharing data between ministries. 
At CCA Group, we have extensive experience with big data. Whether thanks to our unique data repository project for the CCA or thanks to the large amount of diverse data managed within dozens of different government registries. We are happy to offer services ranging from consulting, implementation and service in a form that will lead to making data available to the wider public or selected specific user groups.
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