Operation, Service, and Development

An engine that you do not take care of will simply seize up sooner or later. Few people may have experienced this in a car, but we have seen plenty of “stuck” apps. We always give them first-class care in our administration. All the regular inspections, all prophylaxis, replacement of worn parts before they break and most importantly consideration of the style of use. Our Development and Service Department does all this automatically.
If you have any applications and their current mode of operation, service and development does not suit you, please, contact us. We would be happy to meet with you, understand the baseline situation and show you the paths and starting points we see.
Hundreds of long-running applications
Dozens of large-scale third-party applications in operation
Exceptional customer satisfaction rates
Objective reporting and proactive approach to development
Consistently high levels of security

Application Operation and Maintenance

As long as we have been developing applications, we have been operating and servicing them as well. This is one of the main reasons why our clients have been with us for decades. But of course, we are also committed to commented code and well-maintained technical and operational documentation. This way, we do not keep anyone in check.
We complete a whole set of prophylactic and maintenance steps in operations that our clients may not even know about, but that result in applications that simply work as they should. Advanced monitoring that does not only track basic availability, but also a deeper look at the health and quality of the services provided can predict most boundary conditions, so we often, de facto, eliminate incidents before they occur in a form where they are perceived as an incident by the SLA set for a particular service. We carefully take care of application security and the current state of all system components, analyse databases in depth and of course address the necessary infrastructure.

Long-Term Application Development

You may have applications that you change every 3-5 years. And you can also have applications that, even after 20 years of evolutionary development, still deliver the required value to your users while meeting today's operational and security requirements.
Special environments often extend the life of applications, and long-term development becomes more important. We have dozens of applications that we have been carefully developing for more than 10 years. You may say that development cannot be stopped, and we absolutely agree. However, we have never stopped it either. You really wouldn't guess the age of many of those apps and functionally and operationally, they do not compare to today's market leaders.
The biggest difference is cost. For acquisition, administration, and training users in any new solutions.

Including third-party applications into our own management

An unreliable vendor, consolidation and outsourcing of selected technologies are some of the many cases in which we take over the management of third-party applications. These have a different initial quality, level of documentation and operational requirements. Numerous applications and various different stories but so far, numerous happy clients at the end. We have a full suite of supporting processes and tools from advanced monitoring to black box testing to varying degrees of reverse engineering. Together, these form our comprehensive secure application handover service.
If you wish to reduce your costs, increase availability and have a guaranteed level of security, then we are the people who can take care of your applications.

Application TCO

How many times have you calculated the total cost of ownership of your applications? What proportion of that was acquisition and what proportion was operation, maintenance and development? It is like a car. It also pays to take care of your apps on an ongoing basis. Do not forget about prophylaxis. Think ahead about expected development requirements. Also, know when existing architecture or technology became obsolete. At the CCA Group, we think about all of this automatically. We look for solutions that prove to be a good investment in the long run, precisely from the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) perspective. We know when it pays to make a major modification, when it is better to replace the application and when it is also most cost-effective to just operate and maintain it effectively.
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