CCA Group’s Partner Programme

The Partner Programme represents a network of certified partners authorised to provide services over selected products of CCA Group a.s. provided to the public sector. The Partner Programme includes the supply and implementation of products and the provision of support and development services for selected software products of CCA Group a.s.
Greater openness and transparency.
Extension of the portfolio of services provided.
Higher quality of customer services.
For companies meeting the criteria of Art. 74 and 76 of Act 134/2016 Coll.
We follow our Code of Ethics and protect personal data.

What are the Objectives of the CCA Group's Partner Programme?

The objective of the Partner Programme is to increase the spread of software products created by CCA Group a.s., to expand the portfolio of services provided.

The Partner Programme also contributes to the greater openness and transparency of tenders, brings greater competition and increases the quality of services provided to the end customer.

How to Become a Member of the Partner Programme?

A company that provides IT services in the Czech Republic can become a certified partner under the CCA Group's Partner Programme. The company must demonstrate its ability to meet the criteria of Art. 74 and 76 of Act 134/2016 Coll. (Public Procurement Act), must comply with the Code of Ethics and demonstrate its ability to ensure the protection of personal data.

If the company meets the qualification and certification requirements, it will be authorised to provide the services of the Partner Programme.

Do you wish to become a partner or are you already a partner?

The full eligibility requirements for the CCA Group's Partner Programme are available here.

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