Business Companies

Business companies. Quick, dynamic, flexible, and responsive to their customers’ needs. Just like their employees. Proactive, decisive and always there when they are needed. This is the environment where it is yet to be seen whether IT really supports the business or, on the contrary, clumsily dictates various restrictions and limits.
We know it ourselves. We know what it is like to be “IT people” in body and soul, to love perfect solutions, to care about security and yet to look for ways and solutions so that the company can offer its services without issues.
Secure access to data and applications from anywhere.
Quality real-time analysis of data and information.
Reliable operation and high application availability.
Seamless integration of third-party tools.
Exceptional user experience and great ergonomics.

Time for Lean, Smart Solutions

Every modern operating company has some basic, vital information systems and IT solutions. However, alongside these, there are often numerous needs that do not fit into any existing functionalities and are difficult to implement in robust information systems. If not complex, they are often lengthy and expensive. It is time for lean, tiny and smart solutions. Perhaps, in the Microsoft environment, using tools like Power Apps and Power Automate. Solutions that you can have ready in a few hours of work, tailored to your needs, integrated with the familiar Microsoft 365 environment, yet do not involve complex change management over standard information systems. We work with our clients where there are dozens of these solutions and more are being added every month. Users like them and the client absolutely appreciates the flexible approach and consequently the great cost advantage.

Cloud Solutions

Access to applications and data anywhere, anytime, from any device, yet securely, quickly and efficiently even in situations with limited data connectivity. This is a clear trend and in fact, a natural need for business-driven companies.
We have the experience to provide a custom-built solution using public, private or hybrid cloud. If you use Microsoft 365 products, we will optimise your license purchase and maybe even save you some funds. Anyway, nowadays, there is no need to worry about the cloud in any way and on the contrary, it is good to know what it can bring you.

Data that Serves

We love data. Small, big, simple and complexly structured. We can analyse, correlate and present it in an advanced way through various BI tools.
Is business what you do for a living? Then you will certainly welcome having your data under control. When it serves you when you need to make the right decision. Now. In a few clicks. Not sometime later.
Of course, you need to know that your data is being handled well. That the frequency of backups and the time it takes to restore matches your needs. That you have eliminated identified security risks.
We are happy to help you with all of this and more around data (even that collected from your IoT sensors).


and Architecture

Consistent analysis of client needs and quality design of solutions that will serve you even years later. This makes us more than just good programmers.
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Custom Software Development

We develop large-scale information systems and lean effective components. Always with the utmost consideration for the needs of our customers.
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Operation, Service, and Development of Applications

We can take care of applications we have developed, but also third-party applications. Reliably, securely, and effectively.
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Supervision and Customer Support

We automatically monitor the health of our systems and infrastructure. We support our clients at both the L1 and L2 levels. We measure customer satisfaction.
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Cyber security

The Security by Design approach runs through our veins when developing applications, but over time, we have taken the security area further.
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The economy does not come last

We grew up creating enterprise information systems. Dozens of companies have been using our business intelligence systems for over 25 years. Not only do we have our own products and the ability to build more as custom development, but most importantly we understand the processes behind them. We can take most custom and out of the box solutions and bring them to a higher level in your company.
Part of CCA Group's value-add has long been a precise data and application analysis capability that will protect your investment and direct your efforts where they are needed most.
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