Consulting and Architecture

Every hour invested in getting the solution right, in designing it, in choosing the right architectural model, usually means dozens of hours saved and a lot of deep wrinkles during implementation. We are aware of this, so we have created an entire Architecture and Security Department. A unit that is responsible for the preparation of all the large-scale solutions that the CCA Group produces.
Our architects also oversee the implementation process so that it never deviates significantly from the original intent and chosen solution style.
Our consultants and architects often work on the client's side as well. Together, we look for optimal forms of implementing the requirements before our software development is commissioned.
We try to understand our clients' business as much as possible.
We take a close interest in the data, its structure, quantity, and required outputs.
We are able to combine experience and knowledge gained over 30 years of application development and operation.
We verify how our designs follow the key use cases.
We think in an integrative way, respecting and using the software environment of the proposed solutions as much as possible Stanislav Sloup worked at CCA Group a.s.

CCA - Computer, CONSULTANCY & Application

Back in 1991, when CCA was founded, it was clear that consulting would be one of the pillars of what we would do in the long term. We have long prided ourselves on our technological independence and as a result, we have an open approach to finding optimal solutions without being tied to a single product. We understand virtually all kinds of big data and have completed dozens of complex integration projects. Our experienced architects have been through a long journey of numerous software development activities. This sets us apart from pure consultancies, whose ideas are often not easy to implement in practice. We combine a visionary approach with pragmatism, state-of-the-art technology with proven practices, out of the box thinking with rigorous validation of our hypotheses and ideas.
When you select us for consultation and architectural design solutions, you are assured that we will create a functional whole with long-term added value.

Design Sprint

Design sprint - an approach that Google Ventures came up with in 2010, allowing virtually any brief to be validated and prototyped in one week at a low cost. This approach has worked very well for us both internally in validating certain access models and directly in collaboration with our clients. 5 days, 5 stages. Simple when you know how to do it.
If you have a challenge that you want to solve with IT tools but you don't yet know the solution, come with us through this process and we will show a clear direction at the end. A direction that can later be analysed in detail and designed within the final specification.

National Architecture Plan

If you come from or work with the government, you will know about the National Architecture Plan or the Department of the Chief Architect of eGovernment. We dare to say that this is an area in which we move like fish in water. We have spent a lot of time working to understand all the necessary approaches and our proposed solution has fully respected these principles from the very first moment and made the most of their benefits. Our entire team working with government (including business) is trained internally to understand the issues.
The result is effective work, especially in integration projects and in design of new information systems.

System Integration

The market for software products has changed significantly over time. No longer do large monolithic systems emerge that encompass all the needs of a company, but lightweight applications specialised in a specific area. The consequence is a certain fragmentation and duplication of data that must be addressed. Ensuring that all the components are compatible and work together in a cost-effective manner. Logically linking the tools and systems used, or helping select additional resources and services from a range of suppliers.
With our knowledge of systems integration, we have the tools to turn your vision and goals into reality. Our years of experience enable us to integrate and optimise information systems into a working whole.
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