When we won the contract for the Administration of 86 District Courts carried out for the Ministry of Justice in January 1995, we had no idea what would follow. That same year, the IRES economic system came on line and many more were added over time. Not only did we test the capabilities of the extensive custom development and subsequent operation and maintenance of the applications, there were also interesting challenges in the area of data management. For example, the largest project in the area of Document Management began in 2009, which was the connection of 198 organisations in the Ministry of Justice to ISDS (Data boxes).
Our cooperation has been ongoing since 1995 until now.
26 years of uninterrupted work for the Ministry of Justice and its subordinate organisations.
Dozens of information systems covering the entire Ministry.
Support for thousands of users of our information systems.
Deep integration experience.
Working in an unprecedentedly heterogeneous environment.

Reliable and Empathetic Contractor

Over the years of working together, the relationship between our team and the people at the Ministry of Justice and other organisations has deepened considerably. We approach the entire collaboration with superior care, both in terms of implementation and service work, but also in terms of the customer support provided.

Consulting and Architecture

Consistent analysis of client needs and quality design of solutions that will serve you even years later. This makes us more than just good programmers.
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Custom Software Development

We develop large-scale information systems and lean effective components. Always with the utmost consideration for the needs of our customers.
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Operation, Service, and Development of Applications

We can take care of applications we have developed, but also third-party applications. Reliably, securely, and effectively.
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Supervision and Customer Support

We automatically monitor the health of our systems and infrastructure. We support our clients at both the L1 and L2 levels. We measure customer satisfaction.
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Cyber security

The Security by Design approach runs through our veins when developing applications, but over time, we have taken the security area further.
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Added value beyond the resort 

The experience and knowledge gained from working for the Ministry of Justice and its subordinate organisations can also benefit other entities in the judicial environment. Thanks to our deep know-how of various professional agendas, we can bring optimized solutions for law firms, professional chambers or creators or consumers of data used within the Ministry, for example. We will connect you to any available data source, making communication as efficient as possible. We will make services such as Hybrid Mail available to you.
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