Hybrid mail

Are you in a situation where you are sending multiple pieces of business correspondence every day that must meet the legal parameters of the same copy? Are your employees burdened with carefully filing mail or are you spending a lot of resources on data box communications? What would it be like to have a solution right now that saves resources, eliminates human error and still adds cost control and reporting on the use of such a service?
Benefit from a comprehensive solution for converting documents and correspondence from electronic versions to hard copy.
Time and cost savings.
Human errors elimination.
Ability to control costs.
Easy and uniform implementation for multiple systems within the company.
Processing of deliveries and shipment status.

How does our Hybrid Mail Solution Work?

Hybrid Mail is our corporate correspondence solution for bulk mailers. The customer submits data for processing in its electronic form. Subsequently, the service of the Czech Post (ČP) - PostServis prints them, assembles them into envelopes - i.e., transforms them into their physical form (the digitally signed document becomes a paper copy). Parcels produced in this way are immediately handed over for delivery.

Functional Parameters

Communicates directly, outside data boxes.
Handles re-sending and duplicate checking.
Allows only one connection to ČP PostServis.
Receives data from end applications and creates the necessary delivery file.
Provides statistics on shipped items.

What do others say about us?

The Ministry of Justice was the first state administration entity that started using this service. Its spokesman, Mgr. Vladimír Řepka said about this service:

The widespread introduction of conversion mail to all the ministry’s organisational units, which the Ministry of Justice is planning to do soon, will bring huge savings in manual work in courts, prosecutors' offices and other judicial institutions, which is now associated with the preparation and sending of mail.
The principle of operation of the Conversion Mail consists in converting the original document into electronic form, sending it via an API interface from the court's information system to the server of the Czech Post. This is followed by printing on paper with security features, attaching the conversion clause, sealing the envelope, assembling the parcel and forwarding the parcel for postal transport on behalf of the court or other organisational unit. As the documents to be delivered will be mainly witness summons, notices to parties, court decisions, etc., the Ministry and courts place great emphasis on reliability, timeliness, proper registration and protection of personal data or confidentiality of letters.
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