Established for over 30 years we currently have 341 clients and 63 of our own information systems. CCA Group has been working for companies in the commercial sector since 1991 and for the public sector since 1995. Furthermore, we employ over a hundred passionate people and have created over a billion lines of code. That is the CCA Group in a nutshell.

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Our company was founded in 1991 with the goal of providing custom ERP systems for our customers.
As early as December 1991, CCA Group a.s. became the first ever Czech partner of the American company Oracle and were subsequently awarded the status of “Selected Partner of Oracle Czech for the Area of Business Intelligence and Warehousing”. In 2000, our partnership in the provision of information systems on the Oracle platform was awarded the status of “Oracle Certified Solution Partner”.


In 1993, the CCA Group launched its ERP system for ŠKODA Nuclear Engineering (JS) and this system is still being used in Škoda JS today. We consider this to be a great success, especially taking into account the development of new technologies. This system was later installed at 10 other companies - many of which it is still in use today.


In 1995, the portfolio of services offered by the company was expanded to include systems for state administration organisations, when CCA Group a.s. won a public tender of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic for the development and implementation of special information systems for district courts and subsequently for prosecutors' offices of all levels.

2002 - 2006

In 2002, the CCA Group launched its interactive Škola Online information system, which brought a unique solution for primary, secondary, and higher education institutions. Two years later, the company launched its new product, the Learning Management System, called RAMSES Academy.
In partnership with SAP ČR s.r.o., CCA Group a.s. developed an educational system in 2006, which combines modern e-learning methods with classic training and courses that is known as RAMSES Learning for SAP Solution.


The development of CCA Group a.s. and its successes continued in the following years, when it was announced the third most progressive employer in the Czech Republic; in 2008 it was evaluated the best Oracle partner, became a bronze partner of Adobe and the application School Online moved to the position of an independent entity in its successful operation.


The biggest project in the field of Document Management was launched, which was the connection of 198 organisations of the Ministry of Justice to ISDS (data boxes). The Ministry of Justice generates 45% of all the government documents, which are stored in a special DMS.


Another important and progressive project at the Ministry of Justice was the implementation of the Central Payment Order with full process automation and electronic filing.


CCA Group a.s. implemented its invoice circulation and management system for its customer, Toyota Tsusho Europe. In the area of business process solutions, CCA Group a.s. acquired partnerships with Datapolis, K2, Nintex, and Infomatic.


Integration and creation of a comprehensive Information System of the Prague Municipal Police - support for the organisation of service performance (ISMP - POVS).


CCA Group a.s. succeeded in a competition with its document computerisation solution and launched its large-scale project of the Document Management System of the Czech Office of Surveying and Cadastre in early 2014.
In the same year, CCA Group a.s. confirmed its expertise and defended its certified partnership with Microsoft under the status of “Microsoft Gold Partner”.


In 2015, CCA Group a.s. expanded its portfolio to include IoT with a focus on agriculture. Later on, it resulted in a pilot project with Český chřest s.r.o., a research project on IoT in agriculture in cooperation with the University of West Bohemia.


In a public tender called “Information system for registering offences” operated by the Criminal Register, the CCA Group was selected as the lowest price company out of 20 submitted bids with the main evaluation criterion being the lowest price.


CCA Group a.s. was newly awarded the contract for “Operational support services for the eREG system for the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic”, which was 19 health registries. We were also awarded a new contract for the Service and Development of the “Information System of the Supreme Administrative Court”.
CCA Group a.s. won the tender of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic for the implementation of a very large-scale Information system for registration, monitoring and control of gambling.


CCA Group a.s. started the development of its information system for gambling monitoring (AISG), which will ensure the fulfilment of the requirements set out in Act No. 186/2016 Coll., on gambling. The main purpose of this is to exclude participation in gambling by persons who do not meet the legal requirements.
The entry of the new owner of CCA Group a.s., CCA Suisse, a sister company of the Swiss investment group.


After many years associated with Krátka Street in Pilsen, we moved to our brand new premises. At the end of the year, we had almost 30 more employees than we started with. We used the COVID period to grow the company and the activities we offer.


We are celebrating 30 years in business, adding more services, opening an office in Switzerland, winning tenders for other key information systems and doing everything, including adjusting our organisational structure, to be well prepared for growth in the period ahead.

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