Supervision and Customer Support

At the end of the day, it is always about the user. Internal or external in the form of our customer. His satisfaction determines the overall impression. What happens inside is “just IT”. We may be an IT company, but we understand that our products are used by people. So, we look for ways to make these people happy. Satisfied through applications that work. Satisfied through our quality, friendly, well-communicated and responsive support.
And we are strict on ourselves. We monitor and evaluate a range of parameters, which we then use to evaluate and optimise the services we offer.
We handle up to tens of thousands of tickets a year.
Regularly measured customer satisfaction.
L1 and L2 support, assistance in setting up the communication process with technical and customer support.
Sufficient capacity to handle incidents and changes.
Proactive approach, adequate communication and quality reporting.

Predictive Monitoring of Application and Infrastructure Health

30 years of running hundreds of instances of our own applications and the know-how resulting from this has taught us not to look at data from monitoring systems reactively, but proactively. We follow trends, we can estimate application and infrastructure bottlenecks. We are interested in development needs. We know the parameters of infrastructure lifecycle. We then communicate in advance the vast majority of steps that are appropriate or necessary to take so that we don't ever have to be in a situation where something catches us off guard and we have to deal with an unexpected incident.
If an incident does occur, we have a process and team in place to address it within the SLAs we have set. The results in the form of client satisfaction and objective reports are just proof of that.

Monitoring Heterogeneous Solutions

Custom applications, third-party applications, heterogeneous infrastructure, cloud, connectivity and third-party services. Complex? Non-standard? This is a very common situation with our clients. We will not ignore you if you say you are using a solution from manufacturer A or B. We will also take care of monitoring applications that do not provide any information about their condition on their own. We can faithfully simulate the real-time condition encountered by the average user. We can connect all this at one place. Monitor, react, report and optimise.

L1, L2, and L3 Support

Numerous IT companies offer their L2 support and avoid the L1 level. They may certainly have good reasons for this as it is often a completely different style of work requiring a completely different approach and knowledge and way of communicating.
At the CCA Group we have long been prepared for both levels provided through a variety of communication channels from telephone, to email, to reporting in dedicated systems. We support technically totally unfamiliar users in addition to solving complex technical L2 issues. Our technical experts, often in collaboration with manufacturers, then address the highest L3 level of support.
What connects both worlds is the professionalism, smile and friendly attitude of the people on our side, no matter what the problem is.

Process is the Key to Success, Technology is the Tool

There are numerous tools on the market to address your surveillance or service desk needs. We use solutions, both in-house and on the Jira platform, to cover our clients' needs. However, technology is just a tool. The key is the right setup and request handling process. An approach that does not put any unnecessary burden on anyone on the client side, while not generating any unpredictable costs. An approach that can often correlate multiple pieces of information with each other, presenting them in a different form for different client-side positions.
We have had many implementations in complex government and commercial sector environments. Don’t be shy to ask us how to optimally design and operate a solution for systems and infrastructure monitoring or service desk.
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