Management of CCA Group a.s.

Top management

Barbora Barcalová
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors 
Michael Homola
Michael Homola
Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors / Business Director for D-A-CH
Filip Černý
Member of the Board of Directors
Petr Laštovka
Technical Director
Jiří Louthan
Director of Internal Services
Stanislav Sloup
Director of MSp
Pavel Šebek

Department Heads

Ilona Aubrechtová
Ilona Aubrechtová
Quality and Process Internal Audit
She has been part of CCA Group a.s. since its foundation in 1991. Initially, she worked at the company as a programmer, then she also worked as an analyst, project manager and for more than 16 years she was the Director of Finance. Since July 2021, she has been the Director of Quality and Process Internal Audit. Ms. Aubrechtová graduated from the University of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in Pilsen, majoring in Electronic Computers.
Milan Hruška
Milan Hruška
Development and Service
He joined CCA Group a.s. in the spring of 2020. He is responsible for project teams dealing with follow-up support and development of projects after their successful implementation.
He moved to CCA Group a.s. from the Czech branch of the international company Microsoft Corporation, where he worked for more than 16 years, starting as a Project Manager and working his way up to the position of Account Delivery Executive for key customers in the financial sector. He graduated from the Czech Technical University, majoring in aircraft design.
Petr Přibyl
Petr Přibyl
Architecture and Security
Petr has been working at CCA Group a.s. since 1993. He first worked as a programmer and gradually moved to the position of software designer and architect. He was in charge of internal research and methodologies for system management and production. He is now head of the Architecture and Security Section. Petr Přibyl studied Electronic Computers at the University of Mechanical Engineering and Electro Technology in Pilsen.
David Wegschmied
David Wegschmied
Development of new systems and innovations
David joined CCA Group Inc. in 2011 to lead a team of programmers and later on administrators as well. Currently, he is in charge of the department of analysts, programmers and administrators dealing with development and innovations. He has been involved in the development of several major systems, such as the Central Electronic Payment Order for the Ministry of Justice, DMS for Kiekert-CS, s.r.o. and the Information System of Misdemeanour Registration for the Criminal Register.
Previously, he worked as a programmer and analyst and later as a senior software architect on the development of a management system for Airbus Deutschland and imaging software for Škoda Transportation.
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