CCA Suisse

The entry of its new owners in 2019 gave the CCA Group new scope for further growth. Whether it is growth in the domestic Swiss market or growth in the form of new energy and opportunities in the existing market in the Czech Republic.

A trip from Pilsen to Zurich only takes 6 hours

It only takes 6 hours to get from Pilsen to Zurich and even less in the IT world. We can provide our clients in Switzerland with all the experience that the CCA Group has gained over the last thirty years on its projects in the Czech Republic. At the same time, thanks to our local representation, we offer direct contact and are not perceived as a completely separate team. Our specialists are always available at the right place.

We are at home in Switzerland

The core of our team is built on native Swiss or people who have lived in Switzerland for decades.

Not only do we speak the Swiss dialect, understand the local customs and respect the usual rules, but we are truly at home there. At home in the beautiful mountains, in the centre of Zurich, sitting at the Zuger Kirschtorte, but also in business or technical meetings with our Swiss clients and partners.
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