About the company CCA Group a.s.

We are a leading provider of information systems in the Czech Republic with the focus on custom application development, system integration, IoT, document management, and business intelligence.

We have been in the IT services market since 1991 and are an established company with over 100 employees in Prague, Pilsen, and Brno. CCA is originally the acronym of Computer, Consultancy, and Applications, which still describes the main pillars of the services we provide. In our 30 years of operation, we have developed 63 different information systems for more than 300 clients from the government and commercial sectors.

Our company ethos comprises of:
Respect for ourselves and others.
Empathy for the needs of our clients, partners, and co-workers.
Openness in finding solutions and in mutual communication.
Individual, team, and company-wide responsibility.
Passion for continued growth. Looking ahead. We see possibilities. We search for solutions.

CCA Group's mission

Our mission is to provide quality IT services in a manner that meets the needs and goals of our clients. This is driven through mutually trusted partnerships that form the basis of a pleasant, motivating, and long-term collaborative approach for both parties.

CCA Group’s vision

The CCA Group's vision is to be a reputable, reliable, and stable supplier of IT solutions and services. To be a partner of the state administration and commercial sector not only in the Czech Republic but in Europe as well. To bring value through innovative solutions focused on our clients’ needs.


At CCA Group a.s., we constantly monitor and research the latest trends in IT technologies, software applications and work with the most modern technology currently available. As a result of this approach, we are able to meet the requirements of our customers and offer modern solutions that make our customers' work easier.

As an autonomous integrator of software and hardware, we collaborate with the leading solution providers, and are the leading local partner of Oracle Czech s.r.o. and MICROSOFT s.r.o.

Professions and certificates

We have received ISO certificates CSN ISO 27001:2013, ISO 20 000-1:2018, ISO 9001:2015 for the areas of consulting, analysis and project development, software development and maintenance, implementation and after-sales service in the field of complex information technology solutions, system integration and training with e-learning.

We are a socially responsible company cooperating with non-profit organisations and supporting charitable, social and sports projects.

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